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Welcome to Sacred Story Ministries!

Glad you popped in to the Sacred Story Community! Sit back and savor God’s faithfulness as you read a story of how He is coming through for a dear sister in Christ.  Pause for a few minutes to ponder God’s unique work in your life.

When prompted, reach out to the author of a story, contribute to our sacred collection or pass on a story to a friend who is looking for meaning.  Whatever chapter you find yourself in, our prayer is for the needs of your heart to be met – whether for comfort, courage, or wisdom – as you grow in your love for the Author of Life, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sacred Story Ministries comes alongside sisters in Christ who are in especially difficult places in their circumstances through Story2Live.  We hope you will get to know these precious women as we introduce their stories to you.  We want to link arms by presenting their needs at the throne of grace.

We trust God is writing a story of purpose and hope in your life and those around you. May He be your Hero who saves the day.

 Laura Wilcox

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I “met” Monica, Perpetua, Macrina, Susanna, and a handful of other faith-filled women while doing a research project in seminary. I fell in love with their stories as courageous Christ-followers throughout the centuries. To give these women from church history a voice, I weaved their stories into a Bible study I published. Through two decades of women’s ministry I have witnessed present-day stories of women encountering God’s faithfulness as they walk through struggles, circumstances, and celebrations. My heart does a praise jig every time I hear how God is making Himself known. My vision for Sacred Story includes encouraging women to live their stories in light of God’s grand story, to pass on their stories to others, and to know Jesus as their “first love” in every chapter.