Sacred Story Ministries features stories of women who have experienced the Lord coming through for them as they walk out their journey.  The stories will be available on the site by category so that women can connect to each other, receive encouragement, and pass on stories as a source of hope.

Target Audience

Women, ranging in age from college students to grandmothers. Readers are from various stages of life (single, divorced, married, etc.).


To provide an outlet for a woman to share a story of how God showed up in her life so that readers are strengthened in their trust and obedience to Him and prayerfully connect women to each other virtually or otherwise


Please limit your story to 650 words maximum, averaging 5-6 paragraphs.

What to Include
  • A verse or two that speaks to God’s work in your story.
  • Reveal your heart as appropriate: struggles with God, other people, yourself.
  • Timeframe if it relates to the reader’s understanding: i.e. in August I lost my job, come November I was still looking, etc..
What Not to Include
  • Lengthy background about yourself in terms of “growing up” or how you came to Christ unless your conversion is the central theme. Readers assume you know Christ personally although referring briefly to how you came to Christ may be helpful.
  • Names of denominations or references to specific churches.
  • Theological terms and experiences that are not widely known in the Body of Christ.
Getting Started

Beginning to write your story can be the hardest part.  If you’re struggling, think of using an “I” statement that introduces the topic you will share. For example: “I could never have imagined. . .” or “Last October, I found myself in debilitating pain. . .” For an example, see Kathryn’s story.

Using a Pseudonym

Please fill out the form under the “submit your story” tab when you are finished composing. We will help you with the editing by making minor changes. We will also use first names unless you desire to be anonymous. If you indicate a desire to be anonymous, we will choose a “pen name”.


As you write, enjoy reflecting on God’s work in your life. Pray for the Holy Spirit to facilitate clarity, wisdom and authenticity.  Thanks so much for the good gift of pouring out your story!