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 Living Your Story
by Courtney Garrett & Laura Wilcox

What matters as you live your God-authored story? Relationships. Freedom. Obedience. Transformation. Surrender. Courtney Garrett and Laura Wilcox created the Living Your Story series to encourage every woman that her daily decision to follow the Lord matters. This small group material contains five sessions where women explore the truths from God’s Word and how they apply to their stories. Each session concludes with an inspiring story from the Sacred Story collection. Leader’s guide included.

Follow this link for a preview of the first session: Relationships Matter.

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Capture My Heart, Lord
by Laura Wilcox

What does a heart that is being captured by the Lord look like? Take the journey through Laura’s study about the attributes of the heart which are highlighted in God’s Word. You will also receive doses of inspiration for your own road through the stories of women in church history. Follow this link to view the table of contents and learn more.

My Santa
by Brandi McDonald Sikes

Is Santa real?  My Santa is more than a Christmas story.  Illuminate the mind of a child with this story book and study guide that transitions the traditions of Christmas to the truth of Jesus. Follow this link to learn more.