Resources, Community, and Events to Help Women Tell their Story

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Resources, Community, and Events to Help Women Tell their Story


Every Christian woman has a story to tell about God’s faithfulness to her, but she may be unsure of how or where to tell her story. Sacred Story provides the framework to guide her as she writes her story and shares it with others. We celebrate the joy and gratitude she feels as a brave woman declaring God’s goodness.

Your Story Matters.

Don’t Let Your Important Story Just Live in Your Head.

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When your Community Writes Together:

Write Your Story (finally)

Build Community

Experience Healing

Give Hope to Others

Don’t let your important story just live in your head.

Avoid getting stuck in “someday I’ll write this down” and missing the opportunity to document your story for others.

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We understand the difficulty of finding the words to write and carving out time. We have given 100’s of women an outlet for sharing their Christ-centered stories of hope through our events, library, and podcast.

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