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     II Timothy calls us to invest in others as we live our story through spiritual multiplication. This principle of a believer’s faith being multiplied into people who will go on to multiply into others (and so on!) finds its source in II Timothy 2:2, “And the things which you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable people who will be qualified to teach others.” Pray about inviting the people God places in your path to study the Bible with you. You can partner with the Holy Spirit in changing a person’s story through looking into His life-giving Word together.
     Courtney Garrett, one of our blog contributors, released her new study 101: Exploring the Basics of the Christian Faith. This study is perfect for a Bible study in your neighborhood or workplace. Below is an FAQ with Courtney about 101. Congratulations sister! We celebrate all that God is doing in and through your story.

Q: What is 101: Exploring the Basics of the Christian Faith? Is it a book or Bible study?

A: 101: Christianity Exploring the Basics of the Christian Faith is the first Bible study in the 101 Christianity series. It is a 10-week Bible study, not a book, although it is written with a lot of explanation in each chapter.

Q: What is the bigger vision of 101 Christianity?

A: Over the past 15 years, I have been asked repeatedly to recommend material for someone who is new to Christianity or searching for a good foundation. I have looked and looked and never found a curriculum with everything I wanted. I decided to write a study myself. The mission of 101 Christianity is two-fold: 1) to provide foundational materials for a new believer or seeker in order to build a framework for understanding the Christian life, and 2) to encourage Christians to use these materials to reach those around them who are seeking or new to the faith.

We all need a starting point. Over the course of our lives God puts people in our path that He intends for us to reach. Sometimes we feel at a loss for how to communicate truth easily and effectively from God’s Word. The 101 Christianity materials are an effort to make it easier for us to have these important conversations with those we love who have not yet understood the Gospel and how this truth changes our lives.

An individual can go through the study by themselves; however, we are made for community. It will be exponentially more effective if studied with a friend or group. A transformed life is the most effective tool to reach others for Christ. We don’t have to know all the answers before we are ready to invest in those around us. We just need to be dependent on the Lord.

Q: What is the 101-Christianity podcast?

A: The podcast is made up of live recordings of my teaching in the women’s study in the fall of 2017. Some of the teaching is geared toward women but most of the material is basic information for anyone.  The 101-Christianity podcast is available on iTunes by searching “101-Christianity” or “Courtney Garrett.”

Q: I’ve wanted to start a Bible study in my neighborhood but my neighbors all come from different backgrounds. Would this study be appropriate? I’m nervous and intimidated to start a group!

A: This is precisely the reason I wrote this study! I LOVE hearing from people who are ready to step out to lead a group.

I’m passionate about encouraging us all to step out of our comfort zone and reach those who the Lord puts right in front of us. We sometimes feel overwhelmed at the thought of sharing the Gospel with others because we feel that converting others is our job. It’s not. That is the Lord’s business. Our job is to simply expose others to the truth by sharing it. We get caught up in numbers and worry about rejection. What if you send a email and invite 12 people in your neighborhood or workplace to do 101 with you and only 3 say yes? Wonderful. You have 3 people who are open to hearing truth. What if only 1 says yes? Amazing. You have the opportunity to invest in one person. Let’s get over our need for approval and stop thinking success is in the numbers. Do it scared. Hit the send button and trust the Lord to bring who He wants and then leave the results to Him.

As for the study material, there are about 4 -5 pages of homework each week in a simple question/answer format. There are Bible verses to look up and questions to answer but the study is straightforward and not too academic.

Q: On average, how long does it take to complete a week’s session?

A: 30-45 minutes

Q: What is the next study in the 101 Christianity series?

A: The next study I’m writing is 101: Discovering the Character of God which will cover basic attributes of God. It will hopefully be available in 2019. Ideally people will complete 101: Exploring the Basics of the Christian Faith before going through the second study; however, it’s not mandatory as each study will stand alone. Plans for more studies include An Overview of the Old Testament, An Overview of the New Testament, Themes in Proverbs, An Overview of Paul’s Letters to name a few.

Q: Is this study only for women?

A: 101 Christianity was written specifically for a diverse audience. It is a gender neutral study anyone can use.

Q: Is the study appropriate for high school or college students?

A: Yes!

Q: How do I purchase a copy of the study?

A: You can purchase from Amazon here.

Q: Could this material be used at my church for a new member’s class at my church?

A: Yes. Since the study is for both men and women it would be a great study for a new member’s class. Often times many adults have never learned many of the basic truths in a simple format. This study was designed to boil it all down so it is accessible for anyone.


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