“Do you feel seen by God?”

“Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you.” (Isaiah 41:10)

About to step into a situation where I had not received some important information, God placed uneasiness in my heart. This uneasiness caused me to pause in prayer. The minute I stepped my toe in the situation, it took a bizarre turn that one would see in the movies. Once I put my toe in what I thought was a calm ocean, a storm bellowed towards me. I could not see what had been forming out in the ocean with my naked eyes. I had only sensed a slight warning just a short time before. I wanted to return home once I realized the storm was upon me, but I knew that this was a storm with God’s help I would swim my way through.

The winds of fear and doubt beat against me in the first part of the storm. I cried to the Lord to help push back the enemy’s winds of fear and doubt knocking me about in the inside as to undercut my trust, faith, and strength. Then gusty winds subsided as I prayed for the Lord’s wisdom to know what to do. What a relief, it appeared the worst of the storm had past. The sunlight peaked out behind the clouds. The Lord knew that I needed a break to regain my strength and bask in the warmth of His faithful presence.

Then dark clouds rolled in quickly, and before I knew it, I was in the eye of the storm. I had thought that I was fighting one thing in the first part of the storm, but in the eye of the storm I saw clearly the core of what I was fighting. I did not have the perfect response in the storm, but that is not what is important. I think a lot of us try to do whatever we can to avoid the storms all together. That does not seem to work. You prepare for the storms everyday of your life as you choose to grow in grace and faith in Jesus Christ who strengthens your mind and heart for the storms. The Word of God, Jesus and His Word, the Bible will help you fight the storms of life.

As I mentioned I did not have a perfect response in this storm, but the truths, which I spoke and stood upon, leveled my ground and slayed the lies of the enemy. Bruised up and wounded emotionally, I took up the Sword, God’s Word and spoke the truth with the little strength that I had left. I felt stronger as I spoke His truths, but it was really hard because it was like pushing back heavy weights.

The next day I was exhausted on all levels and not sure what I had to give that night on the prayer team at church for our monthly gathering of worship, prayer, and teaching. I thought about not going, but God nudged me and said, “Go.” While taking my seat for our prayer team meeting, our leader looked my way and said somethings to me that she could not have known if it was not for God’s Spirit speaking to her. I was stunned. In that moment, God was saying to me: “I see you.” I knew what you were going to face, I was with you and I am always with you. Through her, God gave me a big hug and then for the next several weeks, I felt His love cover me like a blanket at night as He wrapped me up under His wing. El Roi, one of the Hebrew names for God means “the God who sees.” Receive this encouragement: God sees you!

When was the last time you felt seen by God?

How did God specifically show you that He was with you?

How are you preparing your mind and heart daily for the storms of life?

– Mary Carmen


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