Harvest Coaching Group

Harvest Coaching Group

‘The Best Things Happen on the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone.”
~ Author, Michael Hyatt

You are invited into a kingdom adventure to experience the best things God has in store. You will link arms with faith filled women to step out of your comfort zone and become a laborer in the harvest according to Luke 10. This unique coaching group provides encouragement for personal evangelism.

From the beginning of March until early May, we will gather online once a week for 50 minutes. Weigh in on the schedule options below by filling out the interest form. We will meet on the day/time which works for the majority.

Each week is based on principles in Luke 10:1-12 as we come alongside one another to apply them in our unique circumstances. See an overview of the 8 coaching topics below. Click the plus sign to read the weekly call to action.

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few; ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.” Luke 10:2

Jesus is sending YOU!

Monday Lunch
Monday Dinner
Week of March 6th: Introduction to the Group, What it Means to be Sent as a Laborer

Luke 10:1-12

Call to Action: How does having the mindset that the harvest is plentiful affect how you think about laboring?

Brainstorm People You Come in Contact With and/or places where you can meet people.

Week of March 13th: Enlisting Support, Identifying Where You are Being Sent

Luke 10:1-2

Call to action: How can you be intentional to pray about and identify another believer in your sphere(s) of influence?

Identify a place or circle of influence where you are sent or would like to be sent.

Week of March 20th: Discerning Internal and External Barriers to Laboring

Luke 10:3-4

Call to action: What distractions and obstacles do you anticipate as you reach out to share about Jesus?

Ask your prayer partner to go for a walk and if possible, take time to walk in the area where you will encounter opposition.

Week of March 27th: Identifying a Person of Peace

Luke 10:5-7

Call to action: Who is a person of peace and how can I discern from his/her responses and actions?

Pray for opportunities and then come up with ideas to have conversations about spiritual truth as Good Friday and Easter Sunday approaches.

Week of April 3rd: Resurrection Week


Call to action: Stepping Out in Faith Individually (no group gathering)

Week of April 10th: Investing in Friendships, Bringing up Gospel Truths

Luke 10:7

Call to action: What does it look like to give and receive in your friendship with a person of peace?

Make the most of opportunities in your interactions to bring up Gospel truths and ask questions.

Week of April 17th: Sharing the Message of the Kingdom, Sharing Your Story

Luke 10:8-9

Call to action: What is a chapter of your story you can share to explain who Jesus is and what’s He’s done for you?

Review the Three Circles approach to sharing the Gospel or some other simple approach and practice sharing it with someone. Choose a chapter of your story to write out.

Week of April 24th: Sharing the Message of the Kingdom, Creative Ideas & Resources

Luke 10:9

Call to action: What ideas do you have, and what will you do next?

Determine which ideas will work in your setting, including gathering input from the group.

Week of May 1st: Calling Others to Labor in the Harvest

Luke 10:2

Call to action: Who will you challenge to labor for the kingdom?

Continue to labor in your setting, and consider launching a harvest coaching group with believers you know.

We’d like to ask you to consider giving a donation as “seed money” toward reaching others during the month of March. As a group, we will decide how the total sum of our contributions will be designated to further the spread of the Gospel message. Sacred Story’s Online Giving Page