Foodie Favorites: Jello Salad and Frito Pie Revival

Anyone remember the days of gelatin salads and Frito pie? I love strolling down what I call, Food Memory Lane, and recreating tastes from the past. When I was invited to bring a potluck salad item to a ladies event over the summer, all I could dig up in my refrigerator that could qualify as a salad ingredient was fresh fruit – no lettuce, vegetables, nothing. And then inspiration struck as I rounded my pantry and spotted a box of lemon Jello smiling at me. One of my favorite pastimes while visiting my grandparents’ home during the vaporizing Baton Rouge summers was making jiggly gelatin salad. My grandmother never followed any fancy recipe, just the one on the box, followed by scattering whatever fresh fruit she had on hand, and maybe some toasted pecans or cubed cream cheese, and voila: cold, colorful, vibrant, and totally appeasing to the young and young at heart. Go retro chic and take a whimsical gelatin salad to your next potluck event.

For another stroll down Food Memory Lane, especially now that the weather is cooling, stock up on some snack size Fritos. Then spoon bubbling hot chili inside the chip bag, top with grated cheese, sour cream, and perhaps some pickled jalapenos, and inhale this crunchy carnal combo…with a plastic spork, but of course. Perfect for a camp out, tailgating, or just a fun weeknight dinner with less dishes to wash. What’s your favorite vintage delight?



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