Community Coffee & Chicory (23 oz.) - Click Image to CloseAround 3 pm, I fear I am going to fall asleep at the carpool wheel. I have had some close calls so now, before charging out the door in the afternoons, I call in my “super friends,” the “wonder twin powers” of “the eagle” (Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk®, that is) and and “granules of instant coffee.” All that is remaining is a little hot water to dissolve everything, ice cubes, and your choice of a cold beverage addition such as water (in a pinch) or your preferred milk. Low fat milk is my go-to, but dairy-free folks can substitute regular sugar (or sugar-free alternatives) for the sweetened condensed milk and choose a favorite “milk” to pour over at the end. Be creative and experiment to find your ideal ratios in this caffeine concoction.

For some New Orleanian -Vietnamese style voltage, try combining my favorite instant chicory coffee with sweetened condensed milk and then add ice. My brew gives me a  reboot in the afternoons. What’s your afternoon energy booster?  Reply in the comments section.