Force Field of Mercy

“But for those who fear you, you have raised a banner to be unfurled against the bow.” Psalm 60:4

Without its protective force field, the earth would be destroyed by killer electrons from space. This force field was discovered by scientists just 2 years ago.  The images of this force field deflecting deadly darts away from our planet strike in me a chord of fear and wonder.  It reminds me of God’s mercy over my life.

I am sinful man and God is Holy God.  Like oil and water, the two cannot mix.  The law of sin is death.  I am human.  I sin. I die.  I get what I deserve.  But God’s mercy is a holding back of the natural consequences of sin.

Just like the God of mercy created the heavens and the earth, stretched out the stars and called them each by name, He raised a protective banner over each of us who call Him by name.  He wrapped His Son in the womb of a young girl, born to live a perfect life and die as the sacrificial unblemished lamb to atone for the sin of the world and reconcile sinful man to Holy God.  The banner of Jesus Christ is raised over my life and I live “unfurled against the bow.”

Sound like too much science fiction? Ask NASA.

“NASA recently discovered what appears to be a ‘force field’ over Earth, fueling the fire over whether our planet has been under spiritual and physical quarantine as many have suggested.”

The earth’s magnetic field was discovered only 2 years ago, but about 2,000 years ago a man named Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica about a holding back of destruction.  He articulated the protective covering of the presence of God that would be lifted in the end times.

Whether you believe in the Author of all science or not, where will you be when this protective covering is lifted?

Is your life under spiritual or physical quarantine?  By whom? By what?

Even those who chose not to believe there is one supreme God, believe the earth will come to the end of its days.  We all agree there is an undeniable destructive end.

Will you choose the banner of Jesus Christ?

In His Unfailing Love.


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