God Holds Your Hand

The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand. Psalm 37:23-24

Travel down under. The dream of a trip to Australia and New Zealand remained on my “travel wish list” for years. I racked up American Airline miles. When God directed my steps to transition from the mission organization I worked with to create Sacred Story almost 8 years ago, the time arrived.

Time to celebrate over two decades of serving in a ministry I still love. Time to embark on a long trip without the constraints of work. Time to unleash this dream even though I envisioned a mate alongside. Time to cash in the AA miles which accrued to almost 100k.

I booked reservations to fly the day before Christmas and return 18 days later. I had enough miles to fly business class. WOW. I felt like a freshman and asked the flight attendant to take my picture. God provided a dear friend to join for part of the time, and a godly family who lived in Auckland, my last stop, to show me around before I returned home.

I adored Australia and yet I longed to see the beauty of New Zealand, so I spent two-thirds of my time with the Kiwis. I discovered NZ possesses the most diverse topography of any island. While driving around we prayed desperately as the combination of the cliffs and the ocean plus driving on the other side of the road made the traverse an act of faith or insanity, depending on the moment. Within a short distance, we landed at a rain forest, and the beach, and the mountains. Such an awesome feast for the eyes.

We stayed two nights where Franz Joseph’s glacier is located which is one of two in the world within a rain forest. The guy at the tour company convinced me to book the all-day hike whereas my friend opted for the half day. Among other things, the all-day hike meant a restroom break in a hole carved out by our guide on the glacier.

I set off with my tour group, suited up with rain gear, boots, a hat, and a stick. We hiked the glacier, taking in stunning views. We ate lunch on the ice and took the dreaded potty break. On the way down, we waded across a river. The guide, a young guy who led us well, saw the current and the potential to lose my footing and took hold of my hand. Wading through the water, I found myself more confident and signaled by letting go of the pressure of his hand, that I could walk the remainder. Because he knew the dangers, the guide didn’t let go but instead held my hand tightly until I arrived at the other side.

My trip down under gave me a deeper experience of the truths in Psalm 37:23-24. I am reminded God is in the details, even airline miles. He delights in my steps as I trust Him. Not every day holds the adventure of traveling to Australia and New Zealand, but I can trust Him in the mundane and disappointments as well as the fruition of dreams. Like the guide, He holds my hand. Even when I reason, “I should be able to walk this out without needing intervention,” God continues to show me He delights in showing Himself strong, and holds my hand firmly.

The Lord intimately knows the terrain you and I walk. He sees what’s underneath the current that can trip us up, whether temptation, discouragement, unmet desires, or unexpected turns. We may stumble by getting off track for a season or not hearing God’s voice or allowing our flesh to choose sin, but we can cling to the truth in Psalm 37. God is in the details, He holds our hand and as we pursue Him, we will not fall into ruin or be swept away by sin.

How can you look for God in the details today?

Take a few moments to visualize God holding your hand.

If you encountered unexpected turns in your story, listen to Sacred Story’s podcast series. 

Heavenly Father, You are far greater and more amazing than I could ever imagine. You are working behind the scenes to orchestrate details and bring together circumstances. Give me faith to believe you are active on my behalf and directing my steps. Thank You for holding my hand.  In Jesus’ Name.





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