The Psalms: Pour Out Your Heart Fall 2019

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2 Comments on “The Psalms: Pour Out Your Heart Fall 2019

  1. I would like to express my gratitude to God for his faithfulness in sustaining me in my job. I teach 23 children daily who are smart, fun, silly, frustrating, trying, caring, and giving. These are just several adjectives to describe the students in my class. I could certainly continue. I enjoy my students and the joy they bring me daily. The part that God sustains me through are those days when a student chooses to be too opinionated and selfish. He sustains me through the days when we have to sit and dissect the state test that my students have to take, which is the least favorite part of my job. The Lord knows that I dislike this part of my job greatly and would love to just be able to teach the skills to my kids without state tests hanging over my head. Thankfully the Lord sustains me and helps me to focus on the reason He put me in this job: to enjoy the time I have with my kids teaching them daily, the impact I have on their lives, and their impact on my life. So, I am grateful to the Lord for the extra patience he gives me daily, and that He has placed me exactly where I am supposed to be in my job with my students.

    • Amy, thank you for sharing “real life” examples about gratitude in your career as a teacher!

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