Loss: Who Will Fill This Hole?

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

Here I was again, facing a second devastating divorce, when my encourager said to me, “Consider the possibilities.” I was offended by her suggestion, as I considered all the terrible possibilities through the lenses of raw and familiar pain.

I wanted the pain to go away, but with a newborn, there was no escape. I had to walk through it head on, taste the pain until it dissolved, and remain strong for my daughter.

We are all familiar with loss in many different ways. Regardless of the source, there is a ripping of the soul. Although we incessantly ask “why” the real question is “how”. Even if you get an answer to the why, you still have a far more important decision ahead. How will I fill this hole?

Fillers come in many forms, from elicit vices to positive distractions. Excessive sweets, spending, travel and movies are socially acceptable fillers. Do not be deceived. All are forms of escapism that defer pain by temporarily masking it. The worst reality for many is a covering of old pain with new pain, never able to return to and address the original loss.

It is impossible for man to heal a broken heart. The only source of healing is the very hand of God.

Have you ever tried to fix something you did not create? As Creator, God knows your heart. He knew about your loss before it occurred. As Father, He felt your pain before you did. He is waiting for you to trust Him with it. Your only work in healing from loss is to take your two hands, pick up the ton of bricks once knows as your heart and drop it before God. The atoning blood at the foot of the cross will cover it more powerfully than your tears (Heb 10:22).

Our hope resides in knowing that “what is impossible with man is possible with God.” This hope provides the courage it takes to lay down the sutures and allow God to “bind up the broken hearted” (Isa 61:1).

If you trust God with the work of filling the hole in your heart, you are free to raise your eyes above the current loss and consider the possibilities. He will hold you through the waves of pain as He makes you whole, rebuilding you in preparation for new possibilities.

Do you need to transition from why to how?

How will you consider the possibilities?

Who needs to receive the gift of courage from you today?   ~Brandi

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