My Story Forever Changed!

“Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.” Psalm 96:3

Who Jesus is and what His death and resurrection meant for mankind proves itself as the most powerful message time and again through the evidence of changed lives. Thankfully people are introduced into our stories who love us and share the truth of the Gospel. Some linger and others appear for brief moments. In every situation God works through ordinary interactions, reaching our hearts through the courage of a brother or sister in Christ. God also calls us to be there for others even when it feels awkward and inconvenient.

I am really grateful for the following people I know reached out when it may have been easier just to say nothing. My story is forever changed!

My tennis coach in my teens who told our team how Jesus changed his life and mentioned he was praying for me when I was going through physical difficulty. I was at a loss about how to respond at the time given I was a teenager and spiritual things were not cool in my world!

My kindred friend Tina who I became fast friends with after she moved into the area during our sophomore year of high school. We went about our high school days having fun and partying. Tina came to know the Lord as a child and wanted me to know Him. One night she asked me about faith. I responded with doubt about whether God is real.

Tina’s mother Wanda the prayer warrior who says God put in her heart a burden to pray for me. She began doing so and a couple of years later God used her to help cement my faith. I am so glad she prays for me to this day!

My dear friend Sharon in college who invited me to a meeting in our dorm at UT. Attending wasn’t on my priority list so I planned to skip it the next day. The next thing I know Sharon knocked on my door and I went with her. I listened to the speaker give a genuine explanation of who Jesus is and what He meant to her. I began to wonder if He was real and started searching with Sharon’s help.

I stand in awe of how God moved through these brave friends who loved me into the kingdom even when I couldn’t respond or didn’t express interest. Their simple initiative surfaced the thirst for God buried within me even when I didn’t realize what I longed for. I want to encourage us to not give up praying for and loving people in our lives. I am really touched by Rachel’s story and Mona’s story of how God moved through people in these dear sisters’ lives.



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