Partnering with God

Transformation reminds me of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. I’ve discovered the names of the four stages~ egg, larva, pupa, and adult. I love how God’s way in nature instructs us. Pause with me to ponder each of the life cycles and at the same time, to think about how you and I partner with God in the transformation of those around us.

Butterfly eggs are laid on a leaf, only visible to the naked eye through close inspection. In fact, the discerning eye will see the small caterpillar growing inside the egg. The egg reminds me of our new birth through Christ when the seed of the Word of God takes root in a searching heart. There is not a lot of outward evidence of change yet; however, a new creation exists spiritually.

We take part in the metamorphosis of others by planting the seeds of new life in Christ. We may offer nuggets of truth and words of comfort, become witnesses of his or her new birth, and/or grab a spiritual hand as first steps in Christ are taken. May God give us His eyes to see Him forming people around us even when faith appears absent. May He give us words to encourage them about God’s desire to bring hope and purpose. As a side note, I admire Tammy’s story of her coworker planting seeds in her life.

The second cycle of a butterfly’s life occurs when the egg hatches and a caterpillar emerges. The baby caterpillar grows rapidly as it spends all its time eating and enlarging. The skin of the caterpillar doesn’t expand so it grows by shedding its outgrown skin several times. May God fill us with His Word so we can nourish people’s souls as they are grow. May we help them shed their old selves and put on Christ; doing so will likely mean giving practical input in areas like finances, family, speech, socializing, sexual purity, spiritual disciplines, and time management.

The third cycle for the butterfly’s life is an intriguing stage called pupa. The caterpillar weaves a cocoon or chrysalis. Even though nothing seems to happening from the outside, the body parts of the caterpillar undergo a remarkable change into the wings and body of a butterfly. May we come alongside a growing believer and impart vision about living out his or her identity in Christ. The “old self” is crucified with Christ and we are a new creation, living in light of God’s approval through the Holy Spirit’s power.

The fourth cycle appears when the butterfly emerges from the cocoon as an adult. Once the butterfly learns to use its wings, it flies away, looking for a mate to reproduce. Like the butterfly, may we persevere with others so they experience victory. May we model for the believer how to invest in people spiritually and provide tools for discipleship so they will partner with God in the metamorphosis of the hearts of others for His glory.

~ Laura

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