Paying Bills & Giving Up

I added up the bills lying on my table. The pressure mounted as the number climbed higher and higher. The combination of unexpected medical expenses and my monthly needs left me nervous about my inability to cover the sum. Normally, I might have worried, complained about my lack of funds and prayed along the way with an attitude of “what to do?”

I decided to simply spread out my bills on the floor along with myself and pray. I told God I knew He was aware of each total, admitted my worry, and then thanked Him for how He was going to meet my need.

Fast forward a few days. I received a phone call from a dear friend I had not spoken with in a while. Because she and her husband faced their own financial burdens, I was surprised and delighted when she mentioned they had a financial gift for my ministry. And she said I was not going to believe how they received it.

My friend’s mother-in-law, as a committed believer, heard about an idea of encouraging others to give by entrusting them with an amount. After receiving proceeds from the sale of her company, she wrote out a blank check for a large amount. She gave it to her son, my friends’ husband, encouraging him to gather his family and pray about how to sow into God’s work.

My friend’s husband temporarily forgot about the conversation with his mother and her generous check until later in the week. When he mentioned it to my friend, he expressed, “I think we should give it to Laura’s ministry.” She was in agreement. And that’s the amazing way God sent money to help pay my bills.

I share this story to remind myself of what surrender looks like. Surrender is defined as “the action of yielding one’s person or giving up the possession of something especially into the power of another.”

Give up. Admit defeat. Acknowledge inability. I don’t know about you but waving the white flag of surrender feels like the consolation prize. Many times I want to wiggle my way out of surrender. UNTIL I recognize the exchange of power.

God calls His beloved daughters, you and me, to give up. To give up our fear, worry, understanding, complaining, insecurity, contentment with the status quo, and clinging to what is seen.

When we admit defeat in being able to handle life’s situations in our strength, we gain an experience of the One who possesses unfathomable power. Power to orchestrate, arrange, strengthen, comfort, counsel, provide, guide, restore . . . And there’s a never ending supply of His power to unleash purpose and peace in everything we encounter.

As I read the stories from the women who have bravely poured them out like Holly’s story, I realize surrender is the main theme of our stories. Sister, the Easter season is all about surrender. Leave your thoughts and let’s encourage each other. ~Laura


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