Refugee Highlight


“Throughout history, God has used the scattering of people to bring the Gospel to others.”                   – Michael Pocock

Laura’s Story: As I sat in a seminary class seven years ago taught by Dr. Pocock, I began to sense God’s prompting to be a part of God’s movement of spreading the gospel to unreached people in the midst of our world’s current refugee crises. In 2015, I went to Athens, Greece, to share Jesus’ love with Middle Eastern refugees escaping war-torn areas. I loved these Muslim-background people and grieved as I listened to their heartbreaking stories.

I continued working with refugees in Greece every summer through 2019.

In 2021 God directed my steps to Germany to labor in that refugee harvest, which now included Afghan refugees escaping a Taliban takeover. Just a few weeks ago, I returned from another trip to Germany where I spent time with refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine. We served refugees by listening to their stories, meeting practical needs, and coordinating creative outlets like art projects. Most Afghan refugees have little understanding of who Jesus really is. But this summer I met Ukrainian refugees who see themselves as ambassadors sent to carry the message of love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ to another part of the world.

This past spring, I hosted a Sacred Story podcast conversation (Episode #34) with Sofia, a Ukrainian friend who had led her college roommate Liuba to Christ. Both Sofia and Liuba had fled the war and Liuba now lived in Germany. It was a great joy to meet Liuba and her five roommates this summer in Germany. These young women astound me with their faith and courage. I asked Liuba to share what’s on her heart so you can pray for her and those serving alongside her. The harvest is indeed plentiful, and God is answering prayers for workers! (Matthew 9:37-38)

Liuba’s story:

My name is Liuba and I am 26 years old. My six friends and I are from Odessa, Ukraine, but for the last five months we have been living in Marburg, Germany. Before the war, we had a vision to serve students in Odessa and other cities of Ukraine. We organized events for girls, shared the gospel and helped many women grow in their relationships with God. When Russia invaded Ukraine, we began praying. “God, what do we do now? Where should we go? How can we continue reaching students for your kingdom?”

God led us to Germany and showed me how to continue in my vision to serve students and Ukrainian refugees. At first, I didn’t know anyone who could help us. Then God connected me with a pastor in Marburg. We shared with him our vision to reach unbelieving college students and also to help believing students who felt disillusioned with their faith because of the war. This pastor wanted to help us, and it was marvelous to see how God had already prepared a place for us.

Now we care for other students in Germany through sharing our testimonies, offering truth from God’s Word, and helping to heal their hearts through God’s love as we regularly meet one on one. Our prayer is to make disciples who know their value in Christ and who understand how to participate in God’s mission to seek and save through their individual callings and gifts.

During this difficult time for the Ukrainian people, it’s incredible to see how many young people are eager to stand on a solid foundation, be faithful and follow God. We see our generation making a huge impact in Ukraine, Germany, and to the ends of the earth! Despite circumstances, difficulties and pain, God calls us to share the gospel and love others, and He promises to be with us to the end.

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