Take Courage

A couple of years ago I was faced with a difficult situation when my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. At the time of her diagnosis she was living with my brother and his wife, who had just sold their home and were making plans to build another home within the year. However, in the meantime, they had made the decision to live in a one-bedroom RV, which meant that my mom would not be able to live with them while undergoing weekly chemotherapy treatments.

I began to pray for my mom and wondered who would be taking care of her and where she would live. As I wrestled with God about the situation I gave him all the reasons why I wouldn’t be the best choice to take care of my mom. I live in a small two-bedroom condo located on the second floor with no elevator service. On top of that I faint at the sight of blood. How could I possibly do this?

One morning as I continued to wrestle in prayer while working out at the gym, the Lord reminded me of His words to the disciples as they fearfully huddled together in a boat on a stormy sea. He came to them on the water and said, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”  Then Peter spoke up and said, “Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water.”  Jesus answered, “Come.”  Peter stepped out of the boat as the storm raged and walked to Him on the water! As long as Peter had his eyes on the Lord he had courage, but when he focused on the storm, he began to doubt and began to sink. Jesus of course lifted him up and as they got into the boat the storm subsided. I was in a storm and Jesus was the only one who could give me courage!

As I made my way home from the gym that morning, the Lord spoke clearly to my heart that I was to take care of my mom. After talking with my husband we moved my mom into our extra bedroom where she lived for over a year while undergoing cancer treatment. Each week I sat with her in a room full of cancer patients as they courageously watched the chemicals drip into tubes connected to their veins. That year I saw more blood than I would like to remember and not once did I even feel faint!

In fact, God gave me many opportunities to pray, encourage and share scriptures with not only my mom but with the other patients journeying with us. At the end of that year, the storm subsided as my mom completed her cancer treatments and heard the words we longed for – no more cancer! The Lord was faithful to give me courage to face my fears empowering me to walk on the water in the midst of the storm.

~Nancy Taylor

Sacred Story is honored to have Nancy Taylor as a guest contributor this month. Nancy wrote Taking the Word to Heart, encouraging believers in Scripture memory. She serves in leadership at Houston’s First Baptist church, teaching women and coordinating a mentoring program. Nancy is married to William who serves as missions pastor and they love spending time with their two adult children and their spouses as well as their adorable granddaughter.



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