Tuesdays in II Timothy: June 4th to Sept. 4th

Hi sacred sisters, we are excited to spend time with you on the blog this summer, diving into the book of II Timothy! Every Tuesday for 14 weeks, kicking off June 4th with this introduction through Sept. 4th, a member of our blog team will share insight on the book of II Timothy as we enter into a verse-by-verse study.

If you’ve thought about studying the Bible on your own or equipping others to do the same, you will gain experience of how to do so. We will draw from the inductive Bible study method of observation, interpretation, application when looking at the passage of Scripture which allows us to learn a transferable way to study the Bible. As a review, here are a couple of articles, overview article by Kaye Arthur and a more detailed explanation of each step from Walk with the Word.

We welcome your prayers for our first online study with the Sacred Story community. We also value your input on each post as we grow together. Consider encouraging a gal pal or two to sign up to receive the posts in her inbox and take time to connect about what you are learning through God’s revelation from Paul’s letter to Timothy. Friends can subscribe on the right hand side of the home page, “subscribe via email.” You may also want to memorize selected verses, whether on your own or with a sister(s).

Summer sizzles and so does God’s Word. I look SO forward to digging in to II Timothy on Tuesdays! See you tomorrow as I introduce our journey.


2 Comments on “Tuesdays in II Timothy: June 4th to Sept. 4th

  1. Bring on 2 Timothy! Ready for fresh perspective and insights. A slow study is balm to this info weary and over stimulated soul. Thank you.

    • Nancy, we look forward to studying with you and for refreshment through God’s Spirit working through His Word!!

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