What Gets You Out of Bed?

We love because He first loved us. I John 4:19

Buzz, Buzz, the dreaded sound of the alarm. Stammering out of the bed still half sleep, I feel my way in the dark room to turn off that blaring sound.  Silence at last. Crawling back in the bed for just a few minutes before the second alarm raises the roof, making me jump out of bed as it is louder than the first alarm. Why do I torture myself each morning with these frightening sounds? Well, they do the job, getting me on my feet. While feasting in a few minutes of sweet silence, I envision those sweet brown eyes and big smile with two front teeth just protruding.

It’s Thursday, the day I meet Evelyn for breakfast and tutoring. Buzz, Buzz, and I am on my feet. I can’t let that sweet girl down. Seeing her every Thursday helps me more than her. I feel so loved by her big smile beaming across the table and then her contagious laugh warms my heart. When it is time for her to head to class, she often skips out of the room with such joy. I often want to skip too but then that adult voice tells me you are too old to skip.Well, my heart sure skips.

So, you might be thinking why do I make it a priority to spend time with Evelyn on Thursdays? Because someone loved me so much when I was hurt and angry. I felt different than my friends whose parents were together and mine were divorced. Each morning there was someone who showed up, listening to my hurts and anger while sharing love, wisdom, and encouragement. Daily quality time with him changed my life. As the days and months went by, I was less consumed with my difficulties and was more interested in finding out about this great man.

Of course, I did seek his advice, but I was less frequently monopolizing the conversations. He is the greatest man who I have ever met and thankfully he still wants to spend time with me as an adult. And you know what? He wants to spend time with you each day. Who might this be? None other than the Creator of the Universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He is the reason that I get out of bed each Thursday and every other day.

What is your motivation to get on your feet each day? Give God a chance for He is by far the most interesting person you will ever meet. He loves you more than anyone in the world and He created you, so He might just know a thing or two about you.

Calling all feet to take a stand

Why sit around and wait for a miracle to come

When we can be one (Natalie Grant, “Be One”)

Be the love of Jesus to others.

We can be a light in the dark.

We are, we are where it starts (Natalie Grant, Be One)

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~Mary Carmen Englert

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