Will I lose business?

Erika’s Story:

Around 2010 Robb and I had lived through this faith-increasing year where God was very obviously blessing us and doing things in us. This was no “dark night of the soul.”  Indeed, it was a ‘mountain top’ kind of year.  This is why it was hard to be obedient when God was asking me to be more vulnerable with my clients.

As a hairdresser at the salon people tell you everything…no, really…EVERYthing. I can’t count how many people who are infertile weep in my chair, how many spouse’s grieve over being left, how many people rejoice that their first grandbaby is born or their kid goes to prom…everything.  I am honored that they share, and I listened intently. Sometimes though, I felt a burning in my gut that I had some truth that could bring peace…but I was afraid.

My business had grown to a place where I was feeling pretty confident that I was going to be able to really contribute to my family. This was something I really wanted from the moment I got engaged to Robb. I wanted to be a financial partner!

Of course this is when God starts pricking my spirit about conversations. In the middle of a highlight, as I’m listening to my client with one ear and God with the other, He would start to move me to speak truth in love. So of course…I didn’t. I would lose clients! They would feel awkward! They would tell the people who referred them that I was a religious freak and would avoid recommending me. I mean, I was really scared!

Well, I am grateful for sweet Jesus’ ability to show patience to this slow learner. I finally said to Him, “I’m SCARED TO LOSE MY BUSINESS!!! HOW WILL I TELL ROBB THAT MY CLIENTELE IS DWINDLING BECAUSE YOU WANT ME TO SHARE THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE WITH PEOPLE? I CAN’T!!!”

His gentle whisper, “Baby girl, it is MY business. You gave it to me. Now I’m asking you to let me do with it what I want. You told me that you loved me more than your life, your marriage, and your business. Prove it. Let me do with it what I want. I’m for you! Now, you also seem to forget who provides for you. The salon and Robb do not provide for you…I do. So get your mind straight and remember who you are and remember who I am.”

“Ok, Lord. I’m scared, but I’ll do this scared. Mostly because I’m to the point where I think that if I don’t obey then I won’t live my life to the fullest, and I’m pretty sure I’m right about that.”

I began to be bold but not abrasive about who God is in my life, and what He has done for me and my family. As people began to share their stories with me, I began to share my stories, but now my stories were God stories…how he saved me, sustains me, performs miracles in and around me. And guess what, I haven’t noticed losing clients by doing so!

One of the scariest things is that God was asking me to do this in the middle of a recession. “Come on!” I said to Him, “Can’t this wait until things are better for people and they don’t have as much fear about their lives.”  Of course, He told me that this was EXACTLY the time when many people needed to hear the hope, peace, joy, mercy, grace, and extravagant love of God.  I realized that in my chair which is now HIS chair was the perfect place. We had a captive audience. We had a unique space in people’s lives to offer peace. When they had an appointment to make them feel better about their looks, they could actually hear the truth about the way God crafted them with beauty and purpose!

Colossians 3:Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.


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