A New Start

Shannon’s* Story:

I am a career woman; it didn’t start out that way. I had the good fortune of being able to stay home with my firstborn for the first few years of his life. We lived in Florida when he was born and I attended a local University at night to work on my Master’s Degree. My former husband was the victim of “downsizing” when our son was two years old. He was offered a position in Louisiana.

The choice to follow my husband was a very difficult one. Everything I knew and loved was in Florida; I’d never been west of Pensacola, Florida. I had a part-time job waiting for me at a local Community College after I earned my Master’s Degree. I was looking forward to spending most of my time with our son but also having the independence a job outside of the home offered. I often dreamed of having more children. I reluctantly gave up the job at the community college and followed my former husband to preserve our family.

The new location was foreign to me in so many ways but the people were friendly and we soon adapted. I was unable to secure a position in my field at the local university in our new town. My former husband encouraged me to consider Real Estate as a possible part-time job. I did get licensed in real estate but it was anything but part-time. I was very busy and surprisingly productive. Our son was in pre-school so the juggling of tasks didn’t seem too overwhelming.

Almost two years to the day after we moved to Louisiana my former husband moved out. I was devastated.  I considered going back to Florida but again, I didn’t want to disrupt things for our son. My prayer life and faith became very important to me at that time. I learned to trust completely in the Lord and go to Him before any decisions of consequence were made.

I was at a loss regarding my future. I applied to LSU Law School and was accepted. I did not want to move my son away from his father but I felt I needed more security than my real estate position offered me. Miraculously, I was offered a training position with a financial services firm in the town where we lived. I wouldn’t have to move my son away from his father after all. There would be a period of training with a stipend. I decided to try it for a year.

That was thirty three years ago. I have thrived and flourished in my new profession. I have become a career woman who has been able to juggle “Faith, Family and Firm.”  I have married again and had another son. My husband had two children of his own from his previous marriage; we have managed to blend “His, Mine and Ours.”  The Lord has provided for us and has sustained us in ways that I could not have imagined so many years ago when I struggled with the decision to move away from Florida and follow my former husband.

My prayers have been answered in most rewarding and unexpected ways. My spiritual life has matured and deepened. I have learned to absolutely trust in God’s sovereignty. There have been many trials and tribulations throughout these past thirty seven years since I obeyed and followed, but those details are for another story another day.

*Note: The author’s name is a pseudonym. 

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