Foodie Favorites: The “Manning Mango”

In my mind, the start of football season means the arrival of my favorite mango, the Keitt mango. While shopping at HEB yesterday, I spotted that long-awaited tall pile of football-sized mangoes across the produce area. With glee, I raced my cart over, fixing my gaze on their green grandness. I have been a fan following this varietal for almost fifteen years now. Here is my most pure and satisfying way to enjoy this mango (besides the pleasure of chasing it around my backyard as my seven-year-old spiraled it into our pool…let that be a warning to any moms!):

  1. Patience is key.  Determine if your mango is ripe by gently pressing on the skin.  It should give slightly (much like selecting a ripe avocado or peach).  The stem ends should also exude a faint, fruity fragrance as a sign of ripeness.
  2. Stand it up (“landscape,” not “portrait”) and carve as close as possible on either side of the mango’s thin, oblong pit. Use a larger knife such as a chef’s knife; a pairing knife is too small for a “Manning Mango.”
  3. Touchdown time: take a grapefruit spoon and savor scooping out the sweet flesh of each half.
  4. Final field goal: peel the leftover pit and devour it over the trash with juice squirting and dripping all over your chin.

We realize “doing life and consuming food” is part of living your story so our culinary trained contributor Lauren Browning offers some of her “foodie favorites” over the next couple of months. We’d love to hear thoughts on how you are enjoying her tips. Prepare on sisters!

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