God, help me to embrace how you see me, my heart whispers. I felt like He impressed the letter below as a response. It is written as if from Him to you and me and based in the truths of His Word. Soak it in with me, sister.

Laura, I am pouring out My heart so you can remember what comes to my mind as I am constantly thinking of My daughters. Just like it’s hard for you to feel misunderstood, I am a Daddy (Abba) who jealously desires for My daughters to embrace who I say they are.

Daughters, lift up your eyes to Mine and agree with Me.

You are the Apple of My Eye (Psalm 17:8, Zechariah 2:8). I look upon you with an expression of tenderness, grace, and adoration all the time. I love watching you belong to Me. I guard and protect my purposes in your heart and through your life. You are cherished. I treasure your growth in Me and vulnerable gestures toward Me. Because you are precious to Me, I want you to stand firm in your worth and not give away your dignity by trying to gain it from others or your own efforts.

You are My servant who I honor and admire (Isaiah 44:1, Psalm 91:15). I am zealously opposed to all the enemy steals in your life and am fiercely loyal to honor you as My servant and daughter. Because I come to your defense and advocate for you when the enemy accuses and attacks, I want you to resist him by shattering every lie and exercising faith. I do not want you to grow tired of sowing good seeds into people’s lives because a harvest is coming (Galatians 6:9).

You are My Beloved in whom I am deeply pleased (Song of Solomon 6:3, Romans 8:1). My Son’s sacrifice and resurrection conquered the sin barrier between us. I love being in union with you and find you altogether lovely and lovable. Because I lavish my unconditional love upon You, I want you to feel the freedom to admit faults and mistakes while turning from destructive behaviors and attitudes. I want to hold your hand and relish the steps we are taking.

You are My Bride who is dressed in pure flowing white (Ephesians 5:25-27, Revelation 19:7-9). I am preparing you for the day we will meet in the heavenly realm. I am so eager for you to know Me with the veil removed between us. While you live in this broken world where My voice is easily drowned out, I beckon you to come to Me and My Word to receive a fresh cleansing of who I say you are. I urge you to give up striving, demanding, and deliberating. I am holding you close to My heart because you are Mine. My Daughter and My Bride. I love you.                                                                                                                               (**to hear from a dear sister on this topic, read Deb’s Story “Abused to Adored”)