It’s Time for Your Encore

One of the greatest voices of our era knocked down a stand-up and shake-it performance in Houston last night. Her stage presence and powerful voice consumed the atmosphere under the grace of that timeless, contagious smile. The polished professionals of Houston abandoned their dinner tables to get closer to the source of joy lighting up the arena. It was a 90 minute performance that pulled everyone out of their seats.

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At age 72 Diana Ross is still fully living out of her unique gifts. And most important, giving them away for the world to enjoy.

What if discouragement in life had silenced her voice? What if age had lulled her into isolation? Last night wouldn’t have happened. We would have all missed the joy. I wouldn’t have heard that familiar voice whisper in my soul, “Your story matters.”

Do you believe that your story matters? You are uniquely and wonderfully made. Your story was written before you were ever born. Whether you believe it or not, doesn’t change that truth. But it does change your impact on the world.

What if Ruth refused to follow Naomi? What if Rahab refused to hide the spies? The great grandmother of King David would’ve returned to her pagan country and his great-great would’ve been killed in the battle of Jericho. Their stories matter. So does yours.

Just like Ruth and Rahab didn’t know their own significance at the time, yet chose to believe in the unknown, the same call to faith is on your life. Will you answer it?

I noticed at the end of the performance Diana looked up to the sky as if to say, “Thank you for letting me live out of this great gift and keep giving it away.” Are you living out of your God-given potential or hiding in doubt, discouragement or shame? Have you walked off the stage of your life that matters more than you know?

Maybe it’s time for an encore.

Is it too dark back stage? Do you have nothing left to offer? Check out Jennifer’s encore, from a life completely destroyed and thrown away.

It’s time to encore, in His UNFAILING Love…because it is.


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