Prayer For Healing

“My daughter, I know you feel out of control and fearful because of your physical struggle. I understand it’s difficult to face the suffering as you encounter the effects of a broken world where your body fails to function as I intended. I am intimately aware of your desire to do away with the inconvenience and the unknown which accompanies dysfunction, decay, or disease. I am eagerly anticipating the day when there will be no more frustration, pain, or heartbreak due to the breakdown of health.

My deepest longing is to wipe away all tears and grief from the devastating distortion sin inflicts on My world. I grieve with you as I see your tears and hear your prayers. I am so pleased with your desire to seek Me in your time of need. I am with you in a special way as I hold your hand and pour out divine comfort. I am a help to you in the day-to-day decisions and details of caring for yourself and others.

I will grant you perseverance to go through this trial. You can count on Me to extend blessing on the other side. Put aside any pride and call on others to pray for, assist, and support you. I am rescuing you from fear by giving My peace, I am delivering you from making demands by exchanging My plan for yours; I am making a way by providing for you financially; I am bringing glory to Myself by orchestrating all circumstances for you to flourish spiritually and for others to know Me.

Remember, I am the Healer. I bore sin in My body on the cross so that every spiritual disease is banished through the wounds I endured. I conquered sin and death. Victory is Mine and I grant victory to you through your faith. I am the One who can manifest physical healing on this earth since I have authority over the physical realm. I work through various avenues and processes to bring healing. Look to Me for renewed joy to be your strength when you grow tired. I am able to bring forth healing through the touch of My Spirit.

In the same breath, when you can’t make sense of why your body fails to heal, recall that My ways are higher than your ways. There will be mystery to your story. My grace is sufficient for your physical weakness. When your earthly body struggles and ultimately fails, I am the One who heals completely in the place where I dwell in the heavenly realm with no more pain or sorrow. Your final healing is the miracle above any other miracle you experience. Rest in Me, My beloved and treasured daughter.”           Read women’s stories about facing health struggles.

Taken from: 2 Kings 5:20, Isaiah 41:10, 55:8, Psalm 103:2-4, 147:3, Jeremiah 17:14, Mark 5:34, Romans 8:28, II Corinthians 12:9, I Peter 2:24, James 5:14-16, Revelation 21:4


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