RESToration. “The act or process of returning something to its original condition by repairing it, cleaning it, etc.” I can’t help but focus on the first part of the word, REST.

photo (6) I recently savored REST. Last summer while traveling home from a vacation with my family, I received a delightful surprise. A voucher for volunteering to step off an overbooked flight. In August of 2013, I would not have imagined my transitions in the upcoming year. I traveled far to the middle east to take part in a women’s conference; I hunted for a newer car to replace my on-its-last-wheel vehicle; my roommate became engaged in a whirlwind romance with a guy from her past and I entered into joyful celebration by standing in her wedding as the maid of honor (actually, we laugh because I was listed in her program as the “matron of honor”; I’m considering the mistake prophetic); I searched for a new place to live in the midst of sky-rocketing rent prices and then packed up and moved; and I accepted a part-time position to supplement my needs.

photo (12)

During the flurry of fun, exciting, and taxing activity my energy level struggled to keep up and eventually crashed. Thankfully, a dear friend and sister in Christ invited me earlier this year to join her friends at their lake house in Deep Creek, MD at the end of July. Feeling the crunch of finances I gladly embraced the opportunity to use the voucher for the plane ticket and soak in the scenery. I just returned in the last several days.

photo (10)R & R is good for the soul. The mental break of experiencing God’s presence in creation nourished my soul. The encouraging presence of believing friends renewed my heart. The amazing story of Louis Zamparini inspired me as I sat reading Unbroken. Pulling away from email took a few days and yet there was a freedom with the solitude.

photo (15)

God’s heart longs to restore us. I am thanking Him for anticipating my need to be repaired since He knew what my future held last summer. Even if it’s not a lake getaway in a beautiful place, perhaps He calls for RESToration by prompting you and me to reflect on His handiwork in nature, enjoy the company of refreshing friends, unplug from electronic devices for a time period, sit with a good book or simply take a nap. He reminds me we are not designed to be on “go” all the time. God rested on the seventh day after creating the heavens and earth.

photo (5)

Thank you Bob and Susan for your heart to offer your home as a place for restoration. Teresa, I am forever grateful for your kindred friendship through which God pours out restoration to my heart. Heavenly Father, I am continually in awe of your tender mercies and the sweet ways You restore my body and soul. ~Laura

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