Marriage: Are You Willing to Wait?

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;”  Isaiah 40:31

Have you been waiting a long time on God to fulfill His promises for your life?  The months have literally turned into years.  When you seek God about your situation, He can give you one of three responses: “yes,” “no,” or “wait.”  You have no problem when He says, “Yes,” and would even prefer a “no” over a “wait.”  You don’t like when God says, “wait,” because you don’t know when He will release the promise.

Regardless of what you’re waiting for, you must understand the purpose of God’s waiting process.  He uses this process to prepare you for His blessings.  You may need to work on your attitude, deal with your insecurities, be healed emotionally, or be delivered from fear.  Whatever your “issue” is and however long it takes, you must embrace the waiting process.  If He gave you the promise now, it would overwhelm you.  The hard part is not getting the promise, but whether you are able to keep it.  God wants you to have “fruit” that remains.  You have to trust that God knows the appointed time to release His best for you.  All you need to do is hold on until your change comes.  Like the old folks used to say, “He may not come when you want Him, but He is always on time.”

Even after you know the significance of waiting on God, some things are harder to wait for than others.  Although you may be willing to wait on God for certain material things, like the house, the car or the job, it’s another story when we talk about waiting for a mate.  This is a critical area where you may get discouraged and fail to wait on God, but you are definitely not alone.  After talking to many people, I was shocked by the overwhelming number who admitted never even consulting God about a mate.  And those who did seek God consciously didn’t wait on Him for the “right” mate.  Those who failed to wait on God are still wishing that they had.  That’s why it’s so crucial that you understand the importance of waiting on God in this area.

One reason you may get frustrated about waiting on a mate is you’re waiting on the wrong person.  It’s essential that you wait on God, not the mate.  So take your eyes off of the mate and put them on God.  Only God knows who is divinely connected to your life.  If you are waiting on the mate, you may find yourself always searching for “Mr. Right.”  Every time you meet someone, you will try to make that person into the “one.” However, if you simply choose to wait on God, you can save yourself from unnecessary heartache.  Even if you believe that God will send the “right” mate into your life, you still have to wait on God for the “right” time.  Remember that God has an appointed time to send your “promised” mate if you are willing to wait.

To be entered into a drawing to receive an autographed copy of Willing to Wait, please include your name and comments in the section below by February 28th.  God bless!  ~DeMonica

Sacred Story is honored to have DeMonica D. Gladney as a guest contributor this month. DeMonica is an accomplished writer and speaker including the author of Willing to Wait and Identity Theft


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