Women Encouraging Women: Share Your Story

“What IS in that box?” My friend asked while lending a hand during my recent move – realizing the box was heavier than it looked. “It’s my encouragement box.” I have a file box dedicated to notes of encouragement I’ve received over the years. Being a “word person” this box is my treasure chest. I relish each word – a friend celebrating a milestone with me, a woman I’ve served with expressing kindness, a note about God’s work through my steps of faith, recounting fun memories, an affirmation that I made a difference, and the jewels add up to one beautiful crown of encouragement. A crown I will one day throw at His feet because He’s the source of all things good and right.

The sacrifices people made to put their thoughts into words is priceless. Their gift of words reminds me God is at work in and through my life. I am reminded that although I struggle and stumble, He blesses me to be a blessing. The fruit of the Holy Spirit in my life – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control – is a sweet fragrance that beckons my soul to remember I do belong to Him.

In the same sense, Sacred Story possesses a treasure chest of encouragement. It too is heavier than what it might seem at first glance because the glory of God hovers over a woman’s story. The heart of the ministry is “women encouraging women in every chapter.” The precious sisters who have sacrificed their pride, privacy, and time to pour out their stories in written form; powerful and at times painstaking words of walking through challenges, unknowns, struggles, and victories.

The word sacred means “worthy or devoted.” I love that God’s purpose behind the ministry includes encouraging a dear sister that any chapter of her story which she places in His hands is worthy of Him because He is the Author. He can take a chapter which is full of pain, self-absorption, shame, and perhaps even destruction and turn it into a trophy of devotion, covered with His redemptive fingerprints.

We women tend to diminish what we’ve been through as “It’s not a big deal. Other people have gone through “x.” It may be true that others have encountered similar circumstances – YET your response of seeking God in a situation is unique; and how God’s faithfulness shows up in your chapter is not the same as others. Vulnerability opens the door to those standing behind it who have no idea there is someone they know on the other side.

I encourage you to share chapters of your story; we’d love to have your story added to our sacred collection. See guidelines for submitting your story and then start putting it down as we can help you with the flow and edits. Below are a few of the ordinary yet brave women whose stories we recently added to our treasure chest.
Amy’s Story of raising a special needs child
Vickie’s Story of battling Lyme’s Disease
Linda’s Story of coming to faith after a difficult childhood
Amanda’s Story of finding out about God’s grace
Geneva’s Story of healing from colon cancer


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